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BP12 This powerful motor is made to swing a 1047 or 1147 prop for high torque applications. This motor would be good for a slowstick, or any 3D plane that you need a big prop, but low pitch. The recommended battery would be the Xpower 2s1000 to 3s1320 mAh.
Weight: 43g
Shaft Size: 3.0mm
Voltage range: 6-12V

Configuration: Propeller: Volts: Amps: RPM:
Direct Drive 1047 7.2V 2.5A 3400
Direct Drive 1047 11.1V 8.8A 5500
Direct Drive 1147 7.2V 6.2A 3800
Direct Drive 1147 11.1V 10A 5000
Dualsky's NEW 12A ESC
features many advanced features. We reviewed your feedback and made a better more reliable ESC! This ESC has a 5V, 1A BEC capable of controlling 3 micro servos. This ESC is perfect for 3D flying due to its precise throttle control.
Combo price bp12/12A ESC $45.00 + S&H
For More info PM me.
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