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Originally Posted by Doc Pete View Post
Ouch!. One of my friends in NJ has that combo for $31 and $4 shipping. I just got the motor/connectors and the ESC is on the way.
Hi Doc,

Good deal Doc, a very good deal indeed.

Regarding the new and improved "version". I never liked the idea of a split boom to begin with, I like it even less on the new model where the end user is forced to "take it" whether we like it or not. A split boom makes for a weaker "airframe", one that won't survive beginner's mistakes as nicely as the original has. :o

It may appear like a smart move on GWS' part, in the end it will doom the model to failure as a viable beginner's option. The argument about "ease of transportation" for the "split boom" is not a valid one either. Dismantling that bird for transport and reassembling at any field will take a good 10 minutes for each operation. Then there is the "are the elevator and rudder trims OK" factor to take into consideration. The minuses are greater than the pluses. I'll stop by my LHS and pick one of the older ones up. I won't touch the new one with a ten foot pole, period.

If this is the only version that will be available in the future, the model's fate has been sealed by itd manufacturer. It is doomed to fail miserably. :o

There is nothing easier and friendler than throwing a single piece, "rigid boomed" Slow Stick on the back seat and just pull it out, put its wing on and go fly whenever one feels like so doing.

IMHO, GWS has managed to accomplish the impossible, They have screwed up the venerable Slow Stick beyond recognition. The chance for it to be recommended as a viable, useful and long lasting trainer no longer exist.

I have removed the "model" from my SIG.
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