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Originally Posted by tallflyer View Post
Yeah I see alot of people offering the towerpro combo for $34.99 + $2.95 for the gold 3.5mm conectors.

Its a good deal but or Dualsky speed controller is half the size and weight! and is programable.

No jumper for 2-3 cells.

And has a slow startup feature and has full movement through the stick not just on and full power like alot of the tower pro esc's I have seen.

I still think for $47.00 or combo is a great offer.
Oh. Just the power set. For some reason I thought you were offering the airplane too at that price.

Here's my reasoning.

$21 sloper kit
$10 Motor
$15 ESC
$2 connectors

$48 total.

Those are prices that I as somebody who is not a dealer can buy all those items for right now.

Mike N

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