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Originally Posted by skyman View Post
I know you didn't NJ, I was just stating what I thought about the project. I was thinking last night about the possibility of a gas/electric jet hybrid system. You have a battery, and a tank of water on the plane. The battery sends an electric shock to the water making hydrogen. The the hydrogen is then ignited and shot out the ducts by heat, the byproduct of the reaction. I know it sounds far fetched, but there could be some potential here.
You have been drawn in by the water power car 'HHO' nonsense.. it's a total scam.

The first law of thermodynamics says you can't get out more energy than you put in. The energy that you get when you burn the hydrogen will be no more (in practice actually much less) than the electrical power you supply to the water from the battery to make the hydrogen. Add to that the fact that any form of combustion engine that burn hydrogen will be much less efficient than an electric motor (about 25% vs 80+%) and you should see that you would be MUCH better just using the battery to drive an electric motor.

On top of that for a airplane application you have all the added weight of the water and the hydrogen engine.

Basically it's a non starter, just like the water power car scam. I'm afraid there is no potential in the idea whatsoever.



Edit.. We have gone rather badly off topic so probably best to take this discussion elsewhere if you want to continue it.
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