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Originally Posted by quorneng View Post
In answer to your question I am fairly confident it will come out at no more than 12oz.
Using a 1500mAh 3s LiPo this 40" weighs just 10oz all up.
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Yes the fan, duct and motor weighs 3/4oz more but at 13A it too only needs a 1500mAh and the rest of the structure should be about the same so 12oz is quite possible.
Depron is wonderful stuff.
Guorneng I admire your desire for a DIY EDF but... a commercial EDF like
my GWS 55 mm clone EDF running on 3.2KV walkera motor consumed 12-13 amps can easily haul a 350grams model almost vertically up. I am not sure if your DIY EDF can achieve the same level of a efficiencies. Moreover, the clone EDF cost less than USD5.00. so am not sure if you are taking the right route ?

All the best.
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