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Question Tx & Rx general info please?

I've rooted around posts and RC guides for a bit now and i still can't find basic info regarding choosing my next Tx and what Rxs are needed in buying my next planes. Sorry in advance if this seems like a "duh" kinda post.

Basically i'm ready for my next multi-plane Tx so i can start accumulating BNF/ARFs without the extra txs. I'm interested in the Spektrum DX6i. (I'm looking for up to 10 plane model memory, internal digital timer/readout, extra channels for retracts and/or bombs/smoke someday.) The bulk of my "not sure-ness" is the Rxs. Do you need to get a Rx for every plane you get if its ARF? If i get the DX6i, am i only limited to buying Spektrum Rxs? ( I noticed they're like over $40.00...sounds pricey to me.) Is that how it works....the same brand Rx only works with your brand Tx?

I know Spektrum radio gear works with PZ BNF & PNP planes, but what about non-PZ planes? What am i looking for when getting my next plane...just that its a 6-channel ARF? Do they typically come with a Rx already? If it's a non-Spektrum Rx will it work?

In a nutshell, if i have a DX6i will any brand electric plane work? For example, there's a "Hyperion" plane i'd like to get. Will the DX6i work with its Rx or do i need something else?
Is this why i see Txs packaged with a couple Rxs, cause everyone wants to have a Rx installed in each plane instead of swapping at the field?

Thanks again in advance. Also if you know of a post that'll clear up this basic knowledge for me, please point me in the direction.
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