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Default new to helis', blade msr question?

Hey fellas, I'm brand new to rc 'copters (no plane experience either) and I have a new Blade MSR bound to a DX5E TX and I'm having flight 'issues'. The msr doesn't like to turn right. It turns left fine and sometimes after holding right stick for a couple of seconds, it will spin right faster. But, usually it will only slowly spin right.

I've read on this forum somewhere that some are turning the servo end caps, but I'm not sure exactly what they mean or if that would even apply to my situation. I've had a couple of soft crashes but this not wanting to turn right has been happening right out of the box.

Also, it seems when I input side to side control, it does not like to center once controls are released. It eventually does but seems too slow, of course I have no idea what I'm doing.

Anyways, thanks for any help or advice anybody can give,
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