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Do you have a local LHS that you can go to, or did you just get your stuff online? A decent LHS can solve all these issues for you faster then righting I here. but on the chance that you don't here is some info that might help.

I'm pretty new too but my experience as an aircraft mech in the navy (both fixed and rotary wing) helps a lot. Anyway, while the msr is much more stable and self corrects way more than most other choppers, it is still a Heli. In other words, once you lean it to the left and get a little momentum, it's going to go that way a ways unless you counter the momentum.

Are you flying in dual rate mode? If so, and the manual trims on the servo arms haven't been zeroed, you may get unbalanced movement. I.e. It goes one way, faster than the other.

As for spin, unless you can change the throw rate of your tx, it is going to spin faster left than right because the combo of the rotor blade and torque from the main rotor. Also, after lots of flight time, the rotor blade will start to curve in towards the motor. This will cause less rate of spin too. You'll want to replace it. The curved one can be straightened out by heating it up and bending it straight again.

Of course your problems could be coming from your tx settings too.

Hope this all helps.
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