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Thanks SB, I purchased online and not sure about 'copter support at the LHS, which is a short drive away in the next town. I still have the msr on the short swashplate connectors and using 'Lo' rate setting on the TX. I've centered the trims before binding the TX to the msr and let the gyro settle after connecting the battery.

It's weird because if I leave it in right turn, it seems to speed up quite a bit. And, sometimes when I turn right, it does spin in the speed I think proper. But, sometimes it doesn't want to turn right at all. And, when I push forward hard on the stick, it will fly right quite a bit.

I just checked the swashplate with the included tool and there does not appear to be any binding. I took the cowl off and it looked like the wire connector on the very front of the receiver was a bit loose (it did press on a bit when I applied pressure), but made no difference. I also noticed the screws holding the main rotors on seemed very loose so I tightened them just a bit.

When I give it left movement, aileron?, it does not like that near as well as right. It shakes and makes intermittent noise (tail rotor?) tilting left. Like I said before, it doesn't appear to 'center' as fast as I thought it should so that when you give it forward stick and let off, it continues forward quite a bit until it stops. If I give it back stick to stop it, it drops and comes back quickly in a large arc. It does hover very well initially but after a couple of movements, it is difficult to return to hover without any movement (front/back and side/side).

I'm hanging in there and reading all I can. I'm probably getting more confused the more I read. Fortunately, I don't know enough to get in trouble... yet.

Thanks again.
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