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That is odd. If it's wobbling when you yaw it may be out of balance slightly to the fore or aft. Probably fore sense it's leaning back.

Now to adjust servo rod ends. Turn on and move cyclic left and right. The not the servo side and direction. Do the same with the pitch fwd and aft. Pitch should left servo, roll the right.

Now zero your tx trim. (long beep) try to hover and note what your choler does.

Now disconnect batt and remove canopy. Discovery the servo end you want to adjust from the little ball joint. Now spin the end in or out depending on the direction you need to compensate for.

Put it all back together and try again. Repeat as necessary until you have it trimmed well.

Al done. Now just adjust digital trim as needed.

You don't run into issues in full rates mode much as the servos travel at full lengths. But in dual rate mode they move about 50% total throw. If your rods aren't trimmed out, this creates a bias in the distance each will move. I.e. She'll slide one way easy and snap to the other side. Out of the box, in dual rate mode, mine was soft right, hard left and would barely fly fwd. After I manually trimmed the rods, it was golden.

Odd point: I find it easier to spot land with full rates and fly with dual rates. My guess is that dual rates loose precision at the cost of agility.

Hope this helps. I'll be around if you need. I don't know it all but i have got a lot figured out with my msr so far.
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