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Great explanation, I think I understand it now. I will try to get the servo's trimmed out using that method. Also, the servo on the right was rubbing on the canopy so I trimmed the canopy back.

Weird, every once in awhile like every 4 batteries or so, the trim would be all out of whack. So much, that it was very difficult even to take off. I would have to trim forward and left 10 clicks or so before I could even get it off the ground. When it wasn't doing that, I would only have to adjust yaw trim at most 3 clicks and nothing left or right, maybe 1 or 2 front.

I've checked everything out and I just don't see anything loose or binding. The manual says to put the swash tool on to check to see if the flybar is binding, it isn't, but doesn't say what to do if it is.

I did put rate to full and it definitely spins better to the right, of course it's a blur to the left.

Forgot to mention that when I have to adjust the trim a ton, it flies like it's in the bottom of a big bowl, down and then up going forward, then falls and flies backwards then up again.

Appreciate all your advice.
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