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I think I can see something wrong. When I turn the blades by hand, I can see the swashplate moving up and down. It looks like the screw housing below the swash is hitting the bottom of the swash and pushing it upwards so that every revolution of the screw housing causes the swash to rise and fall as it passes beneath the swash.

Also, it looks like the main 'gear' (large white toothed wheel) is very nearly off the drive gear towards the bottom. Maybe something has come loose?

Figured it out... The swash separated. I was able to use the tool to press it back together and while I was at it, switched the buckles to the longer swash 'pegs' (why not?). Also, with TX at full rate instead of dual rate, the helicopter seems much more balanced. Of course, when I get into trouble, the thing is going to buck like a bronco and hopefully I don't kill it trying to fly out of trouble.
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