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Originally Posted by Turner View Post
I too can vouch for the Weller 100. Very reliable and long lasting. We own a stained glass shop and go through hundreds of pounds of solder a year. The Weller 100 is the only thing we use. If you remove the nut periodically and apply some high temp anti seize it will last longer. Replacement nuts are available from Weller. If it ever seizes fast just cut across it with a cutoff disc and replace it. About the only thing that harms these is leaving it plugged in and unused for long periods.

Cooper Tools is a great company too. If it ever fails return it and they will probably send you a new one free.
Good to hear. Problem with soldering irons that are not temperature controlled, they get extremely hot when not used for 5 or 10 minutes. Then what ever you solder gets hit pretty hard. Then the next few items are soldered with an iron whose temperature has dropped significantly.

These irons with temperature regulation removes this issue.

We also used Cooper Tools where I worked, 44 years at Cooper Power Systems. Both CPS and Cooper Tools are
subsidiary companies of Cooper Industries.
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