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Originally Posted by Turner View Post
Cooper Tools is a great company too. If it ever fails return it and they will probably send you a new one free.
I did damage several of the Cooper Tools 40 watt temperature controlled soldering irons at work. That was by putting a very powerful samarium cobalt magnet on the workbench, and sticking the soldering iron to the magnet as a resting place. (That magnet will lift 600 pounds on a one inch thick steel plate.)

Bad news, those Cooper Tools use a magnet inside the tip, that when it gets hot, looses magnetism, turning off the power. And that high powered samarium magnet did it in.

Took a few trips to the tool department for replacements before finding out what was causing the problems.

And, figuring out that the magnet inside the soldering iron was demagnetized, just re-magnetized it with some more even more powerful magnets at work. And now, that Cooper Tools soldering iron has been moved to my workshop where it has been flawless for the past 4 years.
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