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Question Help - CC Ice 75 - new guy needs help


The new guy is trying his best to build a plane with quality components. Yes I am guilty of pruchasing a lot of my stuff from China (plush speed controller and turnigy motors) and this plane...well I want to do the best quality my budget could afford.

So right or worng my research ended with me purchasing a Castle Creations ICE75, Castle Creations ccBEC,Scorpoin S-3032-12, and 4000mA 4S1P Nano tech batteries.

What I'm experiencing is with the prop on (not noticed without the prop) I'm getting studder right at zero speed. Sometimes this studder is more noticable than others. Sometimes you can just hear it. Other times you can see the prop turn 1/4 turn the wrong way, or bobble back and forth a couple of times, before it turns around and runs in the right direction.

I checked all motor lead connections both visually and with a fluke 87. I see could see no measurable risistance or voltage drop across the bullet connectors but I resoldered just for grins and sill no measureable risitance or voltage drop across the bullet connectors. But it still does it.

I have tried every possible motor connection combination that produces proper rotation direction and it does it with all combination. I logged on the the ICE75 and reversed direction in it and then tried all motor lead combinations again and I still get it.

Heck, it happened even when running the wrong direction.

Here are my ICE settings and results.

I have throttle settings in ICE75 set for airplane, auto endpoint detection with medium throttle response

I have Brake disabled

I have cutoff set for auto lipo, 3.2 volts per cell, soft cutoff.

I've tried low, medium, and high motor start power and noticed no difference, left it at medium.

I have not played with PWM frequency but castle creations recommended 8kHz and that is what I have it set on.

I've tried low, normal, and high timing and noticed no change in the studder so I left it at normal.

I am prepared to just live with it. I only notice it when coming off zero speed and I'm not sure if that would affect flying performance or not.

It is just sort of a bummer because my Plush ESC and Turnegy motor runs like a sewing machine and my expectation was this "better" equipment ... well I was not anticipating this problem (if in fact it is a problem).

I'm hoping there is someone out there with Castle creations ICE experience that may be able to offer some advice or a possible solution short of buying a Hacker motor

Thanks in advance to any and all that take the time to read and possibly responde.

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