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Default Thanks Sir-crash-a-lot

Reading the spec on the scorpion motor it really does sound like I made a good purchase. I did see some post about bearing periodic maintenance (lube) that I didn't see for other motors but after all my reading I wasn't sure this maintenance is a requirement or just...well...some of the stuff you read on the internet.

And I think the ICE 75 is a good purchase based on what I could read about it.

I'll try outrunner mode and see how that does and not worry about it much if it doesn't clear up. Seems to be while in the air even if I did go to zero speed the windmill effect will keep the prop turning such that I may never notice it during flight.

Also thanks for the link. Interesting reading. But after reading it I'm suprised that playing with the ICE75 starting power setting didn't help. It is my understanding that this variable controls the amount of power sent to the motor when coming off zero speed. Having now read the post in the link you provided I picture as this variable would have delivered more power coming off zero speed to over come the magnets...but I must still be learning and not fully understanding.

Thanks again!
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