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Default SIG 1/4 Clipped Wing Cub Electric Conversion Question

I have a 1/4 Scale Clipped Wing Piper Cub that I have just obtained. I am in the process of making some minor repairs and completely recovering it. It has an 86" wingspan. RTF it'll weigh bout 13lbs (close guestimation). I plan on running a pair 4S 3000mAh in series for an 8S configuration. Not sure if this'll be enough...just throwing that out there. What Turnigy brushless motor would be suitable for the bird? I am kind of dumb on the large sized brushless motors. I am used to the tiny park flyer outrunners. I have read that I will need to spin a large prop at a low rpm and need something that'll push around 1200W. What size prop would work? I am planning on running an 80 or 90 amp ESC.

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