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Question New guy asks - Anyone ever setup throttle fixed endpoints on CC ICE75 & DX6i?

The new guy needs help. I have a question about setting up fixed endpoints on throttle with a DX6i and an ICE75. I'm going where I've never gone before so if anyone can validate, or even come close to validating my numbers, I sure would appreciate it.

I've been using automatic throttle calibration which on an ICE75 means every time I power up it learns zero first and then 100%. But it feels odd. The throttle response at zero feels normal but the upper end...well I'd swear that last 1/3 of throttle stick movement did nothing.

So after reading I decided to try fixed endpoints. I logged on to the ICE and changed the setting and downloaded.

Then I diconnected the battery. Then in my radio, under travel setting I noted that 100% was displayed for both 0 and 100% stick positions. I changed both to zero.

Then I set the stick at 100% and connected the battery. I kept increasing the 100% stick position travel setting one click at a time until the ICE75 played a tune and red light went from blinking red real fast to blinking red slowly. I then increased the travel adjustment value another 2 clicks and ended up at 67%.

Then I moved the stick to the 0 speed position and began increasing the zero speed travel adjustment one click at a time until the ICE again played a tune and armed. I increased the travel adjustment value an additional 2 clicks and ended up at 44%.

While I have a watt meter I don't have any sort of a tach. I have no idea if I'm actually getting 100% out of the motor. I did run it up to 100% stick position and tried increasing the travel position value from 67% on up and tried to listen for any speed increase but it didn't change a thing that these old ears could hear. So I put it back at 67% and left it.

I have no experience with what would be typical values, I got nothin.

So here is my question, does a zero postion throttle travel limit value of 44% and a full throttle travel limit value of 67% seem even close? Does anyone have a similar setup that can help me check gravity?

I guess what is sort of troubling is 100% was the default values when I had the ICE set for auto calibrate and while throttle response seemed odd...well I would have never guessed values of 44% for zero and 67% for high would be where I ended up once I changed to fixed endpoint on the ICE

Thanks in advance to any and all who read and care to offer any feedback.
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