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Default New MSR won't maintain steady heading

I am a new owner and a notch-up-from-a-novice user. My question: Should the Blade MSR be able to maintain a solid/steady heading/bearing with the stock Tx? Because mine can't. No matter how I trim the rudder there is no happy medium - she either turns very slightly to the left or right. When I first got the MSR she had very bad TBE which I seem to have mostly cured by tightening the main blades and clicking the main gear into its proper place along the shaft. The rate at which the chopper self-rotates is quite diminished since making the adjustments to the rotor assembly.

I know about the throttle and rudder trim pre-initialization settings (lowest throttle, medium rudder) but all that accomplishes is me having to set the throttle and rudder trims back to where they were before I set them to low and medium. It has only been flown indoors and crashed but never badly and nothing is missing, loose, bent, broken or binding and I have installed all new blades. I can't afford to get a better Tx yet so my question again - should the MSR be able to maintain a steady bearing with the stock transmitter (not a perfect hover, just stay pointing in the same direction) or is it just normal for it to rotate very very slightly to the left or right? If this is a normal function of the stock unit, is it possible to get a proper rudder trim with a better Tx or is this just the way the MSR is?
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