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Good point, when I first flew the coaxial helis while back, I wondered why would you want to fly anything else, they are increadibly stable, beginners friend. But there is always other models out there and want the taste for others.

Also amusing recently one of our local flyers was going to sell his trainer, then after he flew it elected Not To Sell and had a buyer right there ! Guess the attraction on these is always comforting to have some stable flyers in your hanger...

Yep they can be zinged up, one of our heli flyers has a FP that Flys nearly like a CP other than the inverted, it screams around jet like. Tune 'em up, you better believe it !

Having these trainers always brings smiles on your face, can't beat 'em...

Pssst going back to my Novus 125 FP right now, always need more orientation practice, and for a coaxial, managed to buy when on sale the $69 Eflite Coaxial Tandem 4 bladed heli, its something else to see flying in your living room.

Take a peek, love it..
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