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Originally Posted by Bald Paul View Post
I'm a "recycled" beginner in the hobby. I flew glow models many years ago, and find myself starting all over with a high wing trainer - this time electric powered, of course!

One thing that disappoints me somewhat is the apparent lack of kit planes available. Everything seems to be either foam or ARF. I enjoy building probably more than flying, so I started looking for my "next" plane, a low wing with some stability, but more capable than a trainer.

I've sent my LHS on a mission to get me a Sig Four Star 20EP. In my 'previous life' I built two Sig kits, so I know the quality I can expect. However, getting one has proven to be a problem, so I began looking for alternates. I found the BMJR Models Spacewalker (42" span) and Astro Hog (36" span) kits. Does anyone have any experience with these kits? If so, what are your opinions (quality, laser cutting, hardware, instructions, etc?)

Hey Paul, welcome to Wattflyer and welcome back to the hobby. I have a bit of experience with the BMJR kits and can endorse them with no reservations. The laser cutting is superb and I don't remember having any problems whatsoever with the kit or instructions. I am a fairly experienced builder so take that into account. Don't know what your experience level is but anyone who loves to build is ok with me! Hope you start a thread on whatever you choose. Good luck, John.
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