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Originally Posted by jungmann1 View Post
I have a bit of experience with the BMJR kits and can endorse them with no reservations. The laser cutting is superb and I don't remember having any problems whatsoever with the kit or instructions. I am a fairly experienced builder so take that into account. Don't know what your experience level is but anyone who loves to build is ok with me! Hope you start a thread on whatever you choose. Good luck, John.
Thanks, John, exactly the feedback I needed. I really do like the looks of their Spacewalker. It's definitely on my list. I have, in the past, built a GP PT-40, a Sig Mid-Star 40, a CG Tiger 2, and a Sig Wonder. Give me a decent sheet of plans, some good, concise instructions with illustrations, and some time, and I manage to put together a straight, warp-free bird.

Originally Posted by Dereck View Post
Just go ahead and order one from Sig. I've mail-ordered from them several times and they are good to buy from
I guess ordering direct, or through some other internet site, would be my only recourse if my local shop for some reason cannot get one. I really do like to support the shop whenever possible.
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