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Originally Posted by hillbillynamedpossum View Post

My LHS still has kits for them. Do you have the plans left? I need to build a new wing for my 4*40 and dont remember the chord sizes or the span. Seems like the profile was a NACA 0011 or so....

The 4*40 wing section is a 'TLAR' (That Looks About Right!) by designer Bruce Tharpe - arguably one of the best RC sports designers around. It is easy to build, being flat from mainspar to TE, but its inverted performance is fine for we sports aerobatic lovers.

A scratch built model could be made from the plans - the parts detailing is goog enough for that. Sig not only sell their kit plans, they sell parts like canopies too.

Idle thought of the day. Many 4*40 owners have gone with the 53" span clipwing - the kit wing minus a bay each side. This clipwing thing spread to Bruce Tharpe's 'other' range design, the 'Venture 60' to such an extent that Bruce announced his approval of this modification on his 'BTE Engineering' pages.

Not sure if anyone's done a clipwing 4*20 yet...

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