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Personally, I think anything before 1980 as some still have copyright issues. However, anything before 1960 is almost far game. Also long forgotten companies as someone, somewhere will have a copy of there designs. It takes a lot of work to restore some of these designs and there are now quit a few people involved in the preservation and restoration of these designs.

As these designs are being presented over at the other place, both Steve ( The Outerzone ) and I are trying to catch up and load our websites with these designs. In early December last year, I started to rebuild StarCadPlans.Net to include these designs. It is slow work as I am the only one doing my site, but I have the pleasure of knowing how it is being done as does Steve. We both feel the same in the direction of presenting these designs as a free service to the modeling community.

All of the designs we present can also be downloaded from this thread, Vintage & Old-timer Designs .

To get a good idea of what this whole project is about please visit The Vintage RC Society (VR/CS) for more information.

If you have designs that qualify and have access to a scanner, please scan them in gray scale at least 600 dpi and start posting.

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