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Default Rubber Band Balsa Plane -> RC Conversion

Just joined wattflyer. Long time reader first time poster. So, hello.

Long story short:
I need help tissue covering my plane. I used aero gloss to shrink and shine and seal at the same time it shined and sealed and didn't shrink... I have only done the elevator what should I do to get a full shrink. Also, what glue should I use to attach the tissue... Ive heard so much different stuff that now I don't know which glue to use... I also was told that doing anything to seal your tissue can make it heavy. Is this true? I know it will add some weight but is it negligible or is it very heavy?

Long story long:
So I wanted to fly around a little RC airplane around the park or a gymnasium or something. I thought a Dumas piper cub walnut scale balsa wood kit would be small, fun to build and I could engineer it to be RC. Oh and one more thing... It had to be 4 channels... I didn't care how "difficult" it would be that was a must.

So new to the whole airplane RC thing. (I understand very well how they work but never actually flew or held one (other than an aero ace if that even counts...)). So at first I thought I could build my little airplane with 3 9g servos, a 20g esc, and a 25g rimfire motor, and a 49g 800mah 7.4v lipo, with my light 2.4ghz futaba reciever onboard... Well after I weighed all the parts in the kit the whole plane weighed 20g give or take... so I thought it was interesting that the electronics would be almost 7.1 times heavier than the rest of the plane...

So I realized ok thats not going to work... I downgraded to 2.5g servos and a 12g volcano esc (they were sold out of the 6g one I wanted) and a 8.5g brushless motor with supposedly about 80-110g of torque and a 32g 400 mah 7.4v lipo, depending on the propeller (hey maybe I could do 3d?)... anyways... the electronics are going to be about 4 times heavier... thats a little better right?

So I built it and its coming along very well but after so much time. I'm pretty patient but were on roughly the 30th hour and I justtt finished the framework... And to be honest, in retrospect it wasn't even difficult or complicated (ok sometimes when I was tired it was complicated) but I guess I either am slow or I was looking into perfection too much...

the whole plane is basically waiting on the 3 servo's to come in (which should be here in 3 days). I even added all the pushrods and the ailron twistrods? lol But ya I'm really happy with my framework. I even added a massive hatch on the bottom so that I have access to all electronics. The cowl has a nice hatch in case I need to replace the motor. I also am loving the smoothness of the ailrons, I thought they would be stiff but the du-bro micro ailron set works just swell.

Anyways, so I tried to cover the elevator, I figured If I mess up oh well because its much less important than the wings (covering wise). But I decided to use aero gloss to shrink the tissue and shine and seal it but 10 minutes later (the stuff dries seems to dry fast) it is still wrinkled :/ It was rather taught before I tried it... any tips? what glue should I use on the tissue? I also was told that doing anything to your tissue can make it heavy... "just use water and call it a day"... Is this true?

Also, assuming my moter is actually rated at 80g this thing should fly... but when it does, is it going to screech across the sky just to stay afloat or will it be a surlily enjoyable flight? any thoughts?

So ya... I'm mostly a flyer but I love building things so I thought Id give it a shot... I wasn't expecting 35+ hours... so ya if I don't get any tips then I'll make sure this thing fly's, even if its only once... rocketry style

Thanks for the help
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