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You should use water spray to shrink the tissue.. Mist the untreated tissue with water and leave to dry and it should tighten up nicely. If I get any creases then i usually give the area a lick.. spit seems to work even better than water. Water wont work if you have painted it..the painted tissue will have to come off.

Once it's all taught then seal with NON-SHRINK DOPE or some now use water based sealer like 'Future' brand spray wooden floor sealer.. Personaly i use old fashioned dope but you must use the non or low shrink type and thin it 50:50

To attach it i prefer to use PVA wood glue slightly thinned with water.

It's best to use coloured tissue and not bother with paint as this saves considerable weight (every fraction of a gram counts) but you can get away with paint if you spray in a very light coat... Dont even think about brushing on paint, it will be much too heavy.

Weight is absolutely critical on these small planes. Even the gear you have now is much too heavy. You should be better looking at something like a Spektrum 'brick' (AR6400BL for instance) which has ESC, servos and receiver built into one unit which weighs only a few grams. Then add a single cell Lipo of about 150mAh (3-4g) and maybe a 5g motor and you have a full electrics package for about 15 - 20g.. and that's about as much as this type of plane can cope with to be honest.

If you want to use the gear you have in a lightweight balsa model then you should look at something quite a bit bigger.

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