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I got the tissue issue figured out... cover... wet... dry... dope... dry is the order... but I stopped using the dope after only the elevater... It made the elevator 100% water proof but it was also extra weight I didn't think I wanted to add.

Ya I did the math again. I'm looking at roughly 87 grams fully loaded... I think the plane structurally will easily be able to take it... unfortunately I think it will fly like a rocket... But thats fine lol (not really I'm just trying to convince myself)

Im this far into it... I'm going to at least give it a shot... even if it doesn't fly well. Regardless here are the pictures

I don't have the money for true micro gear so if this doesn't work at all or not well then I'll just buy a 30" $30 dumas airplane like the mulligan or the beaver and build those.
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