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Default hitec 05s micro receiver and futaba radio

hi all,
i have 2 hitec 05s micro receivers that i am trying to use with my planes and a futaba 9z and futaba 8uap, both using synthesizer modules (one futaba, one hitec).

for some reason i cannot get either radio to work correctly with the receivers. they are on the correct channel, they are in ppm mode and they are transmitting. every now and then when i power up the planes, the radios will control them correctly. mostly the servos just all go nuts and the channels dont match up correctly (suddenly the ailerons are on the elevator stick, etc).

anyone know what might be causing this? is there an issue where these receivers just don't work with futaba radios? or am i going to have the same issue with a futaba receiver? i have tried everything and just can't figure it out.

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