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Originally Posted by rcers View Post
Great stuff Denny. I too am a BIG fan of the LiFe packs for direct power on larger models. Add to this the power hungry nature of digital servos and the power requirements can be a bit stunning.

I have also found the RX's can boot at above 3.2v and think 3.5v is the real number (I think it is for Hitec stuff anyway!). So really 4v is the danger zone IMHO.

Makes one really wonder when servos became such power hogs. I guess it is when the got ultra powerful. I remember the days of flying .60 size glow models with one aileron servo that had 37in/oz of torque. I never seemed to need more then......

A fantastic reminder of how important proper power is to our systems.

Hi Mike
I did check several of my Spektrum AR7000 receivers for undervoltage lockout on my variable DC supply. All were 3.2 volts DC plus or minus a little bit.

It's interesting that you've found that Hitec has a little higher undervoltage lock out level.

That 14 Amps measured on my 7 Hitec 645MG servos was measured by moving the transmitter sticks back and forth "Wildly". Perhaps this is not reasonable, but has anyone watched the rudder/elevator/ailerons of a large model airplane doing 3D or hovering?

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