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Originally Posted by kyleservicetech View Post
Much better to use one of those "breakout" panels made for this purpose. Not certain of the exact description of those panels, or a name of a supplier of these units. Several of my club members that fly giant scale models with twin cylinder engines over 100 cc use them exclusively.

Can any wattflyer readers provide more information on those "Breakout" panels, and what they are called, and who makes them???
As with anything else Denny - lots of different names/options

Powerbox, Expander, etc

Would be as good of a place to start as anywhere.

I don't use them on any of the 50cc planes, and didn't go to one on the 111cc plane (36% Katana) as I don't have digital servos, and run an AR 9100 reciever that has redundant power feeds built in.

(don't panic - I don't land the planes)
(but I've been known to lie.....)
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