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Originally Posted by rcers View Post

LiFe is 3.6v per cell not the 4.2v per cell of the LiPo batteries. the LiFe quickly drops and holds around 3.3v/cell and that is PERFECT voltage for our receivers since a 2s pack will be right at 6.6v almost exactly that of a 5 cell NiCad/NiMh pack.

So the huge advantage is the pack needs no regulator*!

Cool eh?

* = no regulator if your servo's can handle that voltage, most will but a few do not.

LiFe or 2300 Mah A123 battery. A few months ago, I was testing an A123 pack with an adaptor plug that had bare alligator clips on the end. You guessed it, el-dumbo shorted those two alligator clips together. The A123 battery pack responded by MELTING the copper servo wire right out of the wires insulation. I could swear that A123 pack was laughing at me when the smoke cleared.

That pack was completely undamaged, you can pull more than 30 amps out them without issues.

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