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Originally Posted by kyleservicetech View Post
Ah Ha, thanks!

One of our old club members (Been flying RC since 1959!) uses the top of the line Spektrum receiver on his various turbine models. Nice that the receiver has dual battery inputs, eliminating the need for the Powerbox or similar type of system.
Dual power input RX solves one of the issues folks go to a Powerbox for - not all of them. If you get into GS planes like my buddy's 42% Giles - you have (3) servos per aileron, 2 for the elevators, THREE on the rudder . But it does help with power redundancy

Only other plane I show with any kind of redundancy (according to the spreadsheet I made anyway - my memory is too full of full scale right now) is my 50cc Ultimate Biplane. AR9000, have (1) A123 fed to both the BATT and AUX4 port via a Y harness, plus a DCUP fed into AUX3. Built this right when all the panic over Spektrum brownouts started - didn't want to take any chances.

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