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Question Spektrum DX5e with Futaba 7c on the trainer port

I don’t want to get into the virtues of either radio as that has been batted around enough in a lot of other posts.

I bought a Futaba 7c 2.4 radio when I started in RC last year. I have become fairly proficient flying my HZ Champ with the standard RTF radio. I also have two grandsons visiting me in August that have been practicing on their Clearview sim I bought them for Christmas last year and they will want to fly the Champ.

I am considering buying the DX5e radio to bind with the Champ and using the Futaba 7c on the trainer port for my “co-pilots”. I have Real Flight 5.5 with the Futaba Interlink controller that came with a conversion cable having the Futaba square plug (male)on one end and what appears to be a round Spektrum type on the other end (female). This adapter allows you to use your own radio plugged into the Interlink sim controller.

Will this work the way I envision?

I have used my 7c through the adapter on the RF sim and it works just fine that way.
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