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Originally Posted by gramps2161 View Post
Why don't you buy just buy a 4 channel Futaba trainer TX off of ebay they are cheap and then you will always have it if you need to train somebody else.You will need to still buy the cord. I think this is compatible with the radio you have. I would ask the buyer I have bought a few items from him he is good to deal with.
Thanks Gramps, It is a great price and would work great with my 7c on a trainer cord for my other planes that I plan on using the orange Fasst compaible receivers. I might just buy one to go with the 7c with the trainer cord. But the FYF-4 is not compatible with the 7c FASST tecnology - same manufacturer?

What I was trying to accomplish was having my grandsons able to "co-pilot" my HZ Champ that uses the DSM2 technology. I might start looking on Ebay for some DX5e DSM2 radios. It probably won't be all bad having radios for the DSM2 or X since Parkzone sure has some attractive planes that are sized right for my back yard field.

I just wish that the compatibility issue was easier to deal with and thanks for the tip and site url.

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