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Originally Posted by gramps2161 View Post
Would be nice if things where compatible with each other. I missed the that fact the cub is all ready setup with the spectrum RX so it wouldn't work. One reason why I won't buy their planes wish they would just do a airframe only they do have some great looking planes.
By the way I have 2 of those orange RX's been a year and they are still working great.

Good luck teaching the grand kids that will be a fun time for all of you.
I think I have solved my dilema. My primary object was to have my "co-pilots" help me fly. I took your advice and bought the Futaba 4FY-4 trainer box. The second step would probably get everyone's approval.

I bought another airplane!

I bought a Great Planes FlyLite Slow Flyer. Basicaly just an oversize Champ but I can put one of my Orange receivers in it and stay with my Futaba radios. Now my 8 and 12 year old grandsons can help me fly - heck, they will probably show me how.

Thanks for your suggestion it got me down the right path.

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