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That stuff should work. But if it were me I'd consider going for a higher 'C' rated and/or a larger battery. With four motors 18A you could easily be pulling close to 70 amps out of your battery which is near it's burst limit and would give a big voltage drop, and would damage the battery if you sustained such power levels for any length of time. Also running the battery at those sorts of amp draw would give very short flight times, around 2 minutes duration.

On the other hand....If you think that you wont be running the motors anywhere near their full rating then all should be ok.

The ESC's wont come with XT60 (or any other) connector. You will need to purchase some XT60 connectors and solder then to the ESC's. you will either have to make a 4 into 1 XT60 harness or solder all four ESC's into one XT60. If making the harness you will need some wire. While you are at it also buy some heatshrink insulation to protect the solder joints.
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