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Thanks a lot for the replies. To make things more clear, the motors I have are the SuperTigre Brushless 400 from here : I have them combined with 7x5 props (due to size issues, even though they are not among the recommended sizes). So hopefully, I will be able to lift, say 1.5-2Kg (3.3 - 4.4 pounds) with these. According to the motor specs, they can take in 13A constant current and 18A is the surge current.

Assuming the motors-props config can lift 2Kg at say full throttle, that would mean 4 motors would draw 52A. The question then is, will the motor-prop combo be able to do that? What do you guys say?

or should I go a little more conservative and get a battery that can supply more current, say these ones -


Finally, what difference does a 3-Series battery pack make over a 2-Series battery pack except that the voltage is going to be 7.4v instead of 11.1v. How important is the voltage setting?

Thanks a lot for the replies!
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