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The amount of power the motor will use is determined by the voltage and the size of the prop it's using.

On a 2S battery and that tiny 7x5 prop those motors are going to have very little power. At a guess they will be drawing less than 5A so power around 30-40W. No chance of lifting 2Kg.

On a 3S battery (50% more voltage) you will get a lot more power because that's the way electric motors work. The higher the voltage the faster they try to turn and with the same prop if you turn it 50% faster it uses a lot more current. Even then you'll probably only be up around 10A and still not much chance of direct lift of 2Kg.

The recommended prop sizes are not just for fun, they're what you NEED to use if you want to get anywhere near the recommended power levels. Smaller props with higher battery voltage, larger props with lower voltages.

If you want to lift that weight with a 2S battery and only a 7" prop you'll need motors with a much higher Kv.

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