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Originally Posted by HobbyJumper View Post
Thanks everyone. Yes, the transmitter is a DX5e, so according to all the Spektrum literature (and the dude in hobby shop) it's supposed to work with that receiver, and most often, it does. Except when it stop communicating mid-flight!

I'll try some of the tricks mentioned and see if reliability goes up. I know I was doing the opposite of some of those tips.

Keep those suggestions coming if you got 'em.
What do you have for a motor battery, ESC, BEC, and how many and what type servos?

Just trying to make certain you are not having problems with "Brownouts" where the linear voltage regulator in your ESC is overheating and shutting down. That results in zero power to your receiver and servos. By the time you get to your model, that regulator has cooled down, and starts working again.

If my (lousy) memory is correct, the latest software in the Spektrum receivers flashes its LED if it detects a voltage sag on its DC input voltage. This can be checked by powering everything up, then unplugging the receiver power (or ESC and its BEC), and plug it back in again. The LED should start flashing.

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