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Originally Posted by Rockin Robbins View Post
Denny will now be by to hawk his beloved Hacker motors. You'd better listen because you are talking a high stress environment here. My crystal ball sees your wallet shrinking! But your long term most economical decision will be to spend what you have to. The Supertigres won't Hack it. (had to say that)
LOL or

Problem is all my experience is with models that fly like an airplane, and have ZERO experience with models that go straight up and down like a chopper can.

Nice thing about those "Hacker" motors, they have a number of different winds on the same motor "Shell" or frame, so you can pick and choose which winding gives the most amount of thrust with the least amount of current. And those Hackers can run at their indicated maximum power levels without overheating or failing.

What will help here is one of those computer programs such as, free for 30 days. You can simply put in a motor, propeller and a given battery and it will provide the thrust that's available.

The results will be about 15% high for the Hacker motors for some reason. Could be the motocalc program does not allow for the prop wash hitting the fuselage or wings. Other brand (el cheapo) motors might have specifications that are not even close to their actual values.

Be a little wary of any motor that suggests it will put out over 100 watts per ounce of motor weight. Quite often, those motors putting out 150 or 200 watts per ounce of motor weight are going to run HOT, and at the same time their efficiency drops like a lead brick.

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