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Originally Posted by Rockin Robbins View Post
Denny, you're not giving motocalc enough credit here. Neither Motocalc nor Drive Calculator cares one bit about what the published performance claims for a motor are. Their results are based on an evolving and continuously updated database of actual tests. Now that we have data recording ESCs these programs will be even more accurate in the future.
Agreed, but some of those real cheap motors have different real life ratings, depending on which production run they were built on.

I even ran across a name brand motor (Not Hacker) whose KV specs were off by some 30%. The motor had to go from a 6S to an 8S A123 battery to get sufficient power out of it.

As for those Hacker motors, one of my A50-12S motors is four years old, another was purchased last year. They are identical in performance with a 6S2P A123 pack and a 14X10 APC-E prop, both turning at 7850 RPM.

A lot of bad press has been put out there on those Rimfire motors, but one club member has one that does the job just fine. Same old story, don't make much sense to put a $60 motor in a $30 model, or put a $30 motor into a $500 model.

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