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Originally Posted by HobbyJumper View Post
The AR6115e receiver in my eflite Jn4 just doesn't want to connect to my dx5e reliably. Turn on transmitter; plug in battery; sometimes it works great; sometimes it doesn't at all; sometimes it takes a long time. Today the connection was instant, but then was lost while flying! That was new. Lucky I didn't wreck my plane.

I'm a totally rookie when it comes to this new R/C stuff, and would appreciate any tips toward diagnosing and solving problems like this.

The equipment is all new and/or in good shape. Batteries good too. No problem connecting the tx to any of my UMs.

I like to solve problems by process of elimination...

My first thought is that you are losing connection due to interference coming from the plane itself (esc, motor, servos, etc.) and the receiver is simply going into failsafe mode. A very tedious but more accurate way test this theory is to:

1) re-bind your receiver but this time hold full right rudder as you do so... this will program full right rudder into your failsafe programming so that when you plane gets out of distance it will be very obvious as you watch your rudder flip to one side.

2) then, do a range check with your plane on the ground and the rudder visible to you as you walk away and follow the procedure for doing a full range check as per your manual. You should be able to get a minimum of 90 feet (30 paces) away from the plane without losing the link.Take special note of the distance it takes to throw your rudder out of whack.

3) next, reposition your receiver in your plane and repeat step 2

If the distance you lose connection is around the same each time, then the theory is false and the problem is not interference.

Regardless of results… don’t forget to re-bind the plane with the rudder at neutral or it may not crash very well if it ever did go out of range

***Note: I only use this rudder trick when I am alone and doing my range check… you don’t need to do this with the rudder if you have someone that can hold the plane and signal you when the plane loses its link.

The object here it to find out if the signal of your receiver is being interfered or obstructed by its position to other objects in the plane itself.

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