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Originally Posted by bbqflyer View Post
Boeing - everyone has been giving some great advice, I hope it works well for you. I'm still trying to figure out things with wings and 1 motor. Do keep in mind though with such a small prop you would do better with a much higher kv rated motor.
As for all the hacker hawkers - supertigre actually puts out a decent little electric motor. I have a handful of them and they are beefier than they look. And I've had zero issues with any of them.
As for motors, I just ran across a motor whose mfg gives it a very high power rating. Until you look at the watts per ounce of motor weight. It was 215 watts/ounce.

Motocalc suggests that motor will have 500 degrees F in its windings while running at its maximum power level during a flight.

IMHO, any motor running much over 100 watts per ounce of motor weight might be pushing it a little.

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