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Originally Posted by Turner View Post
It's not so much that they dropped it. The way it worked with DSM2 is just not available with DSMX. I read a good technical explanation but can't find it.
At any rate, with all the information that's out there now on "Brownouts", that should not be an issue now.

IMHO, any model airplane using more than 2S Lipos really should have a separate BEC driving the receiver, especially if it has 4 servos or more.

ESC's like the Castle Creations ICE line have a built in switching power supply type of BEC that gets the job done.

As I've pointed out many times in, my giant scale model with 7 Hitec 645MG servos pulled a measured 14 Amperes maximum current out of the receiver DC supply. That was measured with a $350 Fluke 87V digital multimeter with its one millisecond peak reading function.

So, with a 4 servo model with perhaps 500 watts of power on the prop, you could pull 6-8 amps out of the linear BEC's commonly used in many of those ESC's. That's borderline operation at the failure point.

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