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Default Heli-Max Novus Nano CP Hover Living Room

These Nano series are quite small, found some bargain prices on the dent sales etc so had to try the CP. As expected quite responsive, abit of an issue as battery cavity was too small for the 400 battery issued, so simply rubber banded on the bottom was an easy fix as plenty of clearance. Did find the flight time brief only couple minutes at best but still fun hovering inside. These are quick inflight so suggest the Fixed Pitch or Coaxial if your new to these. Still its a fun heli. Note motor is brushed. The other model of Nano FP Fixed Pitch gives double the flight time likely due to the slower rotation on the FP, Did throttle up the CP but Im far from acrobatic at this time, hah.

Here's a 2 minute inside hover, on high throw switch.
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