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Originally Posted by mybad View Post
THAT was step one. For step two, spend $21 on a set of floats to really increase the fun!!! Then spend $521 for a kayak to retrieve it when the inevitable happens.

But seriously, float flying was one of the major reasons I bought the Super Cub, and I am very happy I did. It is a BLAST! I'll bet your friend already has a set of floats. Perhaps you can persuade him to let you try them out.

Like you, I started out with helis. Like me, you'll probably find yourself flying the Super Cub more. It sure is fun going to the "Dark Side".
My Step 2 was a minicam but I am thinking about the floats for winter snow. They are cheaper than skis and skiing for that matter

Happy flying may your crashes be limited and if they are not limited let them be cool.
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