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Default charging multiple mcpx batteries at once on Cellpro Gold 4S?

Hi Everyone. I've seen a number of threads on this, but I'm still confused and I'm hoping you can give me some advice. I want to charge multiple mCP x helicopter batteries (200mAh 1S 3.7V 25C LiPos) at the same time in my Cellpro 4s Gold Charger ( ), which I bought with the "CP-GP/KO" battery connector adapter ( ). The Cellpro tech guy says the charger requires at least 350ma to perform a full charge, and that I'd have to parallel charge enough cells together to reach the 350ma. Isn't there a cable I can buy that would hook three or four together in parallel, with a connector that matches one of those on my CP-GP/KO? I found this one, but it doesn't give specs for its connectors or how it's wired: EA-057-B Charging Cable ( ). To further muddy the water, the Cellpro tech says the cable to connect my cells in parallel would go to their CPBP7 pigtail, and would not connect through the GP/KO adapter. I don't understand why. Last two questions, a) how many could I charge at once (I've seen links to cables that connect six batteries), and b) what rate should I charge at (the Cellpro is automatic, I think). Any help would be great!
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