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Others’ Evaluation :
※Very good covering films and quickly shipment. Thanks.
※Good trader goods arrived well packaged in good condition. Would trade again.
※Very slight transit damage,but that's not trader's fault.Very happy to buy again anytime.Many thanks.
※excellent recommend!

※I ordered some black, took about 2 weeks to arrive. it is similar to profilm/oracover to use, sticks and shrinks well and appears to have similar similar strength, I used about 110c to tack it, and progressively up to 150c to shrink, you can certainly get a taught covering at about 135c using 150c to get those awkward wrinkles out. The adhesive is white in colour, I used a wipe of of isoproynol alcohol in the odd place where there was a glue smear, but no worse than other makes of covering I have used, black probably the worse as it shows.
I can recommend it, pity no transparent colours
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