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I ordered 1 meter of the silver to test out. Price was $5.84 with the shipping and it 2 weeks to get it. I just checked out how much for 10 meters with the shipping and it is $25.99. Comes out to $2.60 a meter. This covering seem a little lighter than monokote, and a little thinner. I covered an open structure hoizontal stab and this covering shrank up drum tight, it also when around the curved tips very well. Covering goes on at a lower temp than monokote. I tried some on some foam board and it stuck with no problem, without melting the foam, also tried it on some beer cooler foam and no melted foam. I will order more of this covering to do a whole plane to see how it holds up over time. Almost forgot, this covering does not have the clear plastic film over the color that lifts and peels over time like some of the othe china kote coverings.
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