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Talking Reduce Uncertainty

Originally Posted by Yunxiang Chen View Post
You place an order,then I will adjust the freight according to your address before you make a payment.
Dear Chen,
I understand your point about the cost of freight according to the final destination Post Office Code.
From our (customer) point of view however, we are purchasing something from across the world. So the main concern is "what will it actually cost to get it to the US?".
To get this business moving, you must reduce customer uncertainty.
Internal US freight charges are known, what is uncertain - 'scary' - is the international leg.
If EMS charges $17 "from China to the us", perhaps $1 or $2 extra bucks in the price "delivered anywhere in the US" would ease customers reservations regarding bad surprises when the final bill is reached.
At the same time, $17 paid to EMS will bring at least 1 Kg cargo. Since your wrapfilm is 64g/sq.m., this freight should be able to bring a lot of film.
You heard from The Lady herself: put your money where your mouth is. Dare scraping $17 to send her a couple sample rolls. She will share them with her top-builders acquaintances, and you will get the best deal (or the worst review) of your life. If you believe in what's in your hands, that would be the cheapest marketing step you could ever take.
It's up to you, man!
With due respect and consideration!
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